Chinook District of Garden Clubs

Awards Information
November 14
Bring Smokey Bear posters with information filled out to the November 14 Chinook General Meeting.

Deadlines for State Awards through January 2019

November 1
High School Gardeners Essay – Sally Karg

December 1
Arboreta/Botanical Gardens – Lona Carter
Birds – Ann Kronenwetter
Butterfly Conservation – Mary Lou Paulson
Civic Development – Mary Dahlgren
Conservation/Environmental – Giny Rieck
Garden Club Growing Project – Daphne Ruxton
Garden Therapy – Linda Oberloh
High School Gardeners/Youth Awards – Mary Bewley
Historic Preservation of Gardens & Trails – Dorothy Munroe
Individual Horticulture Achievement – Debby Minton
Horticulture Essay – Debby Minton
WSFGC Junior/Intermediate Youth Awards – Mary Bewley
Lois Donahue WSFGC Achievement – Billie Fitch
M. Cerita Goodey Civic Achievement – Mary Dahlgren
Marianne Larson Club Newsletter – Linda Maida
Roberta Lothian Environmental Awareness – Giny Rieck
Shirley Monger Wildflower – Billie Fitch
Margery V Bardon District Newsletter – Linda Maida
Publication Awards – Linda Maida
Recycled Sculpture, NGC Youth Contest – Leanne Jewett
Youth Poetry Contest – Joyce Johnson

December 15
Flower Show Awards – Brynn Tavasci
Flower Show Schedule Awards– Jeanette Pruin
Verna Armstrong Schedule Award – Jeanette Pruin
Smokey Bear – Evelyn Marwood
Garden Club Membership Award – Marva Lee Peterschick

WSFGC Award Form

Chinook Past District Director Award Form:
Awards Chairman Betty Burkhart:

MP-1 Garden Club Membership Award

The Garden Club Membership Award replaces Publicity Press Book Award.

Submit award application by December 15 to the WSFGC Chair for Garden Club Membership Award, Marva Lee Peterschick.

A club, district or state garden club needs to show the most innovative activity or activities, or the most outstanding effort to increase public visibility that increases membership. The application must show how they have made the public aware of the mission and activities of garden clubs. This includes membership brochures, leaflets, or any other publication used as well as any publicity received. (Printed materials, and materials for electronic publication plus publicity articles may be attached in their entirety to the application and are not counted as part of the three-page limit.)

Three areas for members to enter:
MP-1(A) Single member garden club. Four different sizes – 
  i.Small club, 29 members and under
  ii.Medium club, 30-59 members
  iii.Large club, 60-99 members
  iv.Ex-large club, 100+ members
MP-1(B) Group of member clubs (district, etc.)
MP-1(C) State Garden Club

Deadline: To the WSFGC Membership & Promotion Chairman (formerly Press Books) by December 15 and to the state chairman by January 1.